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Unique Adventures as a Travel Nurse

From getting paid what you’re worth, to having more flexibility and freedom with your work/life balance, travel nursing opens the doors to all sorts of unique opportunities. We’ve sat down and interviewed 4 different travel nurses about their adventures traveling with Ethos.

Kayla A, ER Nurse


Q: What is your favorite activity to do in the cities/states you travel in?

A: I love anything outdoors! Hiking, biking, running, and drinking wine on the patio.

Q: What’s the best scenic places you’ve visited while on assignment?

A: Banff Park in Canada is by far the most beautiful place I have ever visited! I went there while on contract in North Dakota a few years back! However, I have also hiked and backpacked in 16 of the national parks, and can’t say enough good things about them! 

Q: Why do you love being a travel nurse?

A: There are so many good things about traveling. I have met so many amazing people and made lifelong friendships. It allows me freedom to adventure and travel while getting paid. The financial stability it has provided has helped me pay off my student loans in less than half the time and buy my first home before 30! 

Q: Do you travel alone, with a pet, or with a friend?

A: I get to explore with my 5 year old German Shepherd, Miya, who has been my furrever travel buddy.

Q: Aside from your assignment, is there anything you would love to share about yourself and/or about being a nurse?

A: ER has been my home for almost 10 years. I have seen and learned so much in that time. I love how fast paced it is and how you just never know what is going to come through the doors. Although, I love the team aspect the most! 

Q: Why did you choose to work with Ethos? 

A: Ethos is by far the best company I have ever worked for. Everything about them is great. Very responsive, attentive to each nurses needs/desires for an assignment – just a a great team! Of course B is my favorite though, lol!

Jewelene H., ER Nurse

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’m Jewelene, I’ve been a nurse for 17 years, with 15 spent in the ER. I have have been traveling off and on since 2017, and I love it. 

Q: Which travel assignment has been your favorite so far?

A: Nome has been one of my favorite places to travel. The people are open and friendly, and there’s a lot to do if you are willing to try new things. 

I have enjoyed being here so much – from the crazy rusted out taxi with doors that are held together with wire and only close halfway, to the insane snow drifts 10 feet tall in front of my house, to walking a mile in -15 degrees to meet other nurses for coffee. It has been an such an adventure.  

Q: Would you recommend traveling to Nome to other travel nurses?

A: I would highly recommend traveling to Nome for the winter or summer if you have an adventurous spirit. The locals are inviting and open. I’ve been included in native cooking and family trips to the beach. I have joined the locals in dances, dog sledding and activities. I got to witness the Iditarod and iron dog race (snow machine race).

Q: What’s your favorite activity to do while in Alaska?

A: My favorite activity is just hanging out with the locals at the coffee shops or bars on front street. 

Q: Has anything surprised you during this assignment?

A: I have said and done things I never would have imagined. From walking a mile to the coffee shop in -15 degrees, to shoveling my way in and out of my house. I even said it’s nice out here in 9 degrees, lol! I went to a local folk dance by myself and had a blast. Danced every dance even though I was usually going the opposite direction. I have even tried whale blubber, seal, king crab, and dried fish. The local bakery uses local ingredients from berries, to fish picked and caught right here. 

Q: How has your experience been working with Ethos?

A: I can say I have enjoyed working with all the staff at Ethos, especially Josh. He’s always available and easy to work with.

Christopher R., ER Nurse

Q: What did you love about your assignment in Vermont?

A: There are great trails everywhere with pretty amazing views. Also, more stars than I’ve ever seen. We were able to find housing in one of the quaint little towns near my assignment. As the second least populated state in the US, there are plenty of quaint little towns. 

Q: Has anything surprised you during this assignment?

A: Little did we know when we arrived in Vermont it would start snowing and not stop until we had over 3 feet. Luckily I was off work until it started thawing. A few weeks later we went snowboarding and the conditions were perfect! There are loads of ski mountains within 30 minutes of our location. Now that it’s warming up we are starting to hike.

Q: Asking for all the foodies out there, what’s the best food Vermont has to offer?

A: From the farm fresh eggs, to the maple syrup, and Vermont Cheddar, you can make some great meals here from farm to your table. 

Q: What did you enjoy about your hospital assignment?

A: This is my first time working in a critical access ER and I’m loving the challenge. Everyone here works as a team and gets the job done. The staff were all so welcoming. 

Q: How was your experience working with Ethos?

A: This was my first assignment with Ethos, and Abby is the best recruiter I’ve ever had. She is incredibly responsive and works hard to find the best assignments. 

Besty H., ER Nurse

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’ve been a nurse for almost 17 years and have been traveling off and on since 2014. Emergency Department is my specialty, although I’ve dabbled in ICU, PACU, flight nursing, etc.

Q: Where are you currently on assignment?

A: I am currently on contract in Kauai, but have worked on Maui and the Big Island also. The Hawaiian islands are a special place and are all so unique in their own right.

Q: What do you like to do on your days off?

A: On my days off I like to explore with my husband or soak up the sun on the beach. I also like learning all I can about the local culture.

Q: Favorite thing to eat in Hawaii?

A: One of my favorite treats that is local to the area is shaved ice!

From Alaska to Hawaii, adventure is out there. Go find it.

Interested in starting your own adventure? Learn more about where to begin HERE or work one-on-one with any of our amazing recruiters! Apply today, or visit our website:



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