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5 Benefits of Travel Nursing


Many nurses have been leaving their staffing jobs in favor of travel nursing. We’re sharing five reasons why.

1. Compensation

The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to what some are calling the mass exodus of healthcare workers. With staffing shortages rampant across the country, the demand for travel nurses has increased significantly. Travel nurses have the ability to double, even triple their income compared to staff positions. Pay does change regarding location, position, regional demand, and hospital. However, according to Becker’s hospital review, compensation has grown by 100 percent in just the past few years. Facilities are now offering sign-on and completion bonuses for nurses who complete their contracts.

2. Job Security

In August 2021, Becker’s Hospital Review noted there were 30,000 open positions, which is up 30 percent from last winter. The Omicron variant has tightened its grip among hospitals everywhere. With an increasing patient load, the strain on staffing has only worsened. When traveling, your next assignment will always be waiting. Where there’s an opening, travel nurses will be there to fill it.

3. Flexibility

Travel contracts can vary anywhere from 8 to 13 weeks. After completing an assignment, your options are endless. Some choose to look for their next contract, while others choose to take a vacation. As a travel nurse, when and where you want to work is your choice.

4.  Professional Development

As a traveler, you work with a diverse population of patients and colleagues. This ever-changing environment gives nurses the ability to strengthen and learn new skills.Traveling can foster endless growth opportunities and friendships that last a lifetime.

5. Travel

At Ethos, we have assignments in all fifty states and the US Virgin Islands. There are opportunities to explore snowy mountains, sandy beaches, quaint countrysides, and bustling cities. Each new contract leads to a new adventure – like learning to surf or hiking the Grand Canyon. Most people wait until they retire to travel. As a travel nurse, you don’t have to wait. Start your adventure now.

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