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20 Gift Ideas for the Nurse in Your Life

Whether you’re shopping for a newly graduated nurse, veteran nurse, or just need ideas for your own wish list, this lineup has you covered. Here are 20 gift ideas for the nurse in your life – even if that’s you.

Gifts perfect for any nurse

1. Nurse/Work Bag 

As a nurse, you never know when you’ll get stuck at work. This is why packing a “nurse” bag can be a standard practice in the health care field. Help the nurse in your life feel prepared by gifting them a designated work bag. Make it extra helpful by filling it with items like:

  • Portable phone charger
  • Hand cream
  • Toothbrush
  • Reusable masks

Find a nurse bag with plenty of pocket space here!

2. Drinkware

Help the nurse in your life stay hydrated and healthy by buying them a reusable water bottle. Kick it up a notch by filling it with thoughtful stickers and drink packets, like vitamin c, electrolytes, or hydration!

Some popular drinkware choices are:

3. Massage

The only thing that beats getting a massage is getting a free massage. Treat your favorite, hardest-working nurse to an hour long massage so they can relax after a hard day.

Find their nearest spa and buy them a gift card

4. Hand cream

Nurses are constantly washing their hands and using hand sanitizer. Because of this, their hands can really take a beating – especially in the winter. A good quality lotion can make such a thoughtful gift.

Gloves in a bottle lasts between 4-12 hours, even when regularly washing hands!

5. Cell-phone sanitizer

Did you know that cell phones are 10x dirtier than toilet seats? As a health care worker, nurses are always getting exposed to germs. Imagine what bacteria their phones must hold! Help the nurses in your life stay healthy by giving them a cell-phone sanitizer.

Check out these two on sale now: PhoneSoap Pro | PhoneSoap Basic

6. Scrubs 

Whether you’re shopping for a new nurse or a veteran, scrubs can always make a great gift. A comfortable pair of well-made scrubs (in the right color) can help a long shift go by faster. And don’t forget to buy a matching scrub cap!

Check out this popular brand – FIGS

7. Silicone Wedding Band 

This gift is ideal for anyone engaged or married in the health care industry. Since hospitals don’t allow diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, these silicone ones can be the perfect solution. 

Browse these Enzo Rings on amazon.

8. Fitbit 

A great fitness watch can help anyone stay on top of their game. Fitbit watches track sleep, heart rate, steps, and other achievements. Some newer versions will also include stress management and oxygen level tracking.

Check out Fitbit’s website today

Gifts specifically for night shift nurses

1. Keurig 

Nurses basically run on coffee, so why not simplify their life by buying them a personal coffee maker to have at home? Finish the gift with K-cup pods and a cozy mug for the ultimate present.

Keurig | K cups | Mug idea 1 | Mug idea 2 | Mug idea 3

2. Black out curtains 

The best gift for the night shift nurse in your life. Black out curtains can be a game changer when it comes to anyone on a backwards sleep schedule. Make it a complete set by buying them a sleep mask for extra restful sleep.

Black out curtains | Sleep mask

3. Meal delivery service subscription 

After a long day of working, who has the energy to shop and cook? This can be especially true for nurses, who work long shifts (at weird hours). Give them their best gift this year by purchasing a meal delivery service subscription!

Hello Fresh & Home Chef are great options.

4. Percussion massager 

Aches and pains are a real battle after 12+ hours on your feet. Help the night shift nurse get some relief whenever and wherever they need it buy surprising them with their very own percussion massager. This way, they can get a massage on their own schedule!

A powerful tool in one tiny portable box.

Gifts for the newly graduated nurse

1. Littman stethoscope 

Know a newly-graduated nurse excited to start their first job? Surprise them this holiday with a highly-rated Littman stethoscope. Pair it with a personalized stethoscope ID badge for an extra special touch.

Littman Stethoscope | Stethoscope ID Badges

2. Compression socks

Compression socks help reduce uncomfortable swelling, which can be common for people who are on their feet majority of the day. Although it’s not the most glamorous gift, compression socks can be a game changer for those long shifts.

A practical gift doesn’t have to be boring, check out some cute socks here

3. Badge clips

Nurses are always in need of new badge clips. Make it personal by finding ones that you know they’ll love. We recommend browsing Etsy for cute, funny, or personalized options.

Badge Clips: Happy Face | Personalized | Spread Kindness

Gifts for the travel nurse

1. Car Jump Starter 

Whether it’s for a travel nurse driving cross-country to their next assignment, or a bed-side nurse getting to their shifts during a cold winter, this helpful tool can give them peace of mind while on the road.

Purchase this one while on sale

2. Travel Bag

Every travel nurse needs a good travel bag. Whether they’re just beginning their journey or a seasoned travel nurse, quality luggage is always appreciated! 

A few options include:

3. Power bank 

A portable charger makes a great gift for anyone on-the-go. Whether it’s a long shift or a long hike, a convenient power bank is nice to have on hand. Especially when you need your phone to apply to all the hottest jobs in the Ethos App!

This charger is a great choice.

4. Air-Fryer 

Every nurse could use an all-in-one, easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean, cooking tool. However, it’s also the perfect kitchen item for any travel nurse. Think of it as a mini portable oven!

Check out these deals currently going on

With 20 gift ideas to choose from, shopping will be a breeze this year! Grab these helpful links, and find the perfect gift for the nurse in your life – whether that’s a newly graduated nurse, night shift nurse, or travel nurse!

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