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Now Introducing: The Ethos App

The Ethos App

Founded by nurses for nurses, Ethos Medical Staffing offers nurses the freedom to travel, explore new environments and gain autonomy over their schedule—all while helping them navigate the entire journey.

Now our nurses have that power right at their fingertips.

About the App

The Ethos app makes it easy to manage your travel nurse journey on-the-go through a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage all aspects of work life through a customizable profile and robust jobs board with quick-apply capabilities for contracts directly within the app.

It’s important that we support candidates wherever they are in their journey, and the app allows you to manage compliance requirements and skills checklists, store credentials and get timely reminders when it’s time to refresh or renew.

Whether you wish to request an extension on your assignment or track the submittal status of a recent application, the Ethos app will streamline the process, allowing us to conveniently onboard you quickly so you can jump-start the career of your dreams.

How it Works

Once you download the app, you will need to create a profile. This login will allow you to input and recall your credentials, as well as any saved jobs and jobs you’ve applied for, including our Hot Jobs—some of the best opportunities available on the market.

By using the app, you can keep all of your information organized and know the exact status of each application you file whether you’re home or on the road.

Start Your Journey Today!

Download the Ethos app available in the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Andriod users.



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