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5 Practices of a Successful Travel Nurse

Travel nursing can be quite the adjustment. Successfully adapting to a new state, hospital, and co-workers can be overwhelming. However, creating the right habits can help. Our Chief Nursing Officer, Lindsey Stoner has 5 practices she follows to be a successful travel nurse. 

Support your co-workers 

As a travel nurse, working with permanent staff can create some tension. According to Lindsey, the best tip when starting an assignment is to be humble, helpful, and kind. 

“When I enter a new facility, I have the mentality that I am coming into the facility to save the day. That means I am going to do everything possible to help in any form that I can. I try to go above and beyond, helping my fellow nurses out with tasks.”

Regardless of how you are treated, stay patient, professional, and friendly. It can be hard to feel accepted in the beginning – but give it time.

“Out of all of my travel assignments, I have formed some of the strongest bonds with other nurses. It just takes time. Be patient and be a stellar nurse – the staff will see you shining and they will come around!”

Practice self-care

Neglecting your health can lead to depression, anxiety, burnout, and other mental health problems. Practicing self-care can help limit these concerns. She says her routine involves massages and applying positive coping skills.

“Self-care is huge! Getting massages on a regular basis has been one of the best self-care routines I have found. Setting that time for yourself to relax and rest is essential. Making sure I have positive coping skills is a must.” 

Meal prep

A busy day at work sometimes means limited time for lunch. Lindsey suggests packing high-protein snacks to quickly grab and go.

“Pack snacks! I always meal prep when I am on assignment. I never know how crazy a day will be. I try to pack high-protein snacks I can quickly grab out of my bag to ensure I am fueling my body to have the best energy possible to continue to crush the day and be at my best!”

Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead helps you to be prepared for anything. In her experience, you’ll never know when you’ll be stuck at work. 

“I have got stuck at hospitals multiple times in my career, especially with Midwest crazy weather! Tornados and snowstorms!” 

Having a work bag filled with necessities can help you feel more organized and put together. She recommends always packing a cell phone charger and a toothbrush. 

Remember your “why”

With pandemics and nursing shortages, job burnout is higher than ever in healthcare. However, remembering your “why” can help reignite your passion for nursing. For Lindsey, her reason stems from her deep-rooted faith. 

“I always pray right before I go into work. I know that God has made me a nurse for a reason. It is not to help myself but to selflessly serve others, that he has picked for me to assist with. I surrender my skills to Him, thanking Him, and asking Him to please work through me to help others.”

Travel nursing can be a stressful transition, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding journey. For Lindsey, her experience traveling is the basis of what Ethos was built upon. Founded by travel nurses, for travel nurses, Ethos is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Your path, our purpose. Click here to get started today!



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