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Why the West Coast is Your Next Favorite Travel Assignment

As a travel nurse, adventure is always calling. Why not go to the West Coast? From beautiful beaches and wildlife to thriving cities and rich history, the west will soon become your dream travel assignment. 

Alcatraz Island – San Francisco, California

Famous for being a prison for the most infamous convicts, Alcatraz Island is now a must-see destination. Today, you can explore the collections of this island’s history from a military fortress to a dangerous penitentiary. While touring the artifacts, listen to the award-winning audio tour, “Doing Time” which includes real interviews of the Alcatraz prisoners and officers. 

Yosemite National Park – Sierra Nevada mountains in California

Yosemite National Park has everything a traveler could want. From monoliths to waterfalls, this natural reservation has plenty of things to do and see. Follow the guided tours to find challenging trails, go horseback riding, camping, or rock climbing. And don’t forget to snap a photo beside the 3,000 year-old Giant Sequoia trees.

Arroyo Burro Beach – Santa Barbara, California

The perfect spot in California for spending a day on the beach. Spend a relaxing day off of work sunbathing and walking along the Arroyo Burro coast, or learn a new hobby like paddle boarding or surfing! You can also leave the beach to explore the Douglas Family Preserve, which offers beautiful ocean views from a number of trails. 

Depoe Bay – Depoe Bay, Oregon

Depoe Bay is known as the “whale watching capital of the Oregon coast” for a good reason. March through December, whales are pulled towards the horizon, offering great views from the sea wall running through downtown. Spring is a perfect time to visit to see the migration of whales traveling north – especially if you want the chance to see baby whales!

Silver Falls State Park – Sublimity, Oregon

Silver Falls is unique for one major attraction – walking behind waterfalls. The famous South Falls allows you to experience 177 feet of water from the other side. Follow the nationally recognized trail of Ten Falls, and hike through a lush landscape full of beautiful waterfalls. Then end your day enjoying the open fields by barbequing and playing horseshoes. 

Hoh Rainforest  – Forks, Washington

Surrounded by moss-laden 300-feet tall Sitka Spruces and Western Hemlock trees, stepping into Hoh Rainforest is like stepping into another world. There are plenty of paths to take, but Howard Frisk, the author of The Seven Wonders of Washington State, recommends hiking the Hall of Mosses Trail, stating, “It’s like walking through a living green cathedral.” That kind of review speaks for itself.

Long Beach – Long Beach, Washington

Long Beach in Washington stretches across the southwest coast for 28 miles, earning the name “the world’s longest beach.” If you happen to be here in August, partake in the week-long Washington State International Kite Festival. Watch kite experts from around the world compete, view the mass ascension of kites, and admire the lighted kites that fly at night. No matter the time of year, Long Beach is worth a visit.

The Palouse –  Steptoe Butte State Park

Tens of thousands of years of wind-blown dust formed these large rolling wheat field hills, and the result is beautiful. In the springtime, visit to see vibrant green shades of young wheat and barley. Or, visit in the summer during harvest to experience the various shades of brown coating the land. No matter the season, get the best view by hiking 3,612 feet up Steptoe Butte.

Whether you go hiking through ancient trees in California, strolling along the longest beach in Washington, or exploring the other side of waterfalls in Oregon, the West Coast is full of adventure. What’s stopping you from making this your next assignment location?

Whether you travel north, east, south, or west, Ethos is here to help you land your dream assignment. Apply now! 



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Why the West Coast is Your Next Favorite Travel Assignment

As a travel nurse, adventure is always calling. Why not go to the West Coast? From beautiful beaches and wildlife to thriving cities and rich history, the…

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