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The ETHOS Promise

Ethos, by definition, is the innate set of rules – written and unwritten – that guide professionals in their pursuits. It’s the characteristic spirit of a person, rooted in ethics, which guides them on their path to greatness.

This ideology is the very foundation of our organization. More than the oath we take as health care providers and the ethical principles we adhere to – justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, accountability, fidelity, autonomy, and veracity – Ethos is a values- and purpose-driven organization rooted in service before self. We’re an agency founded by travel nurses, for travel nurses, because their path is our purpose.

As an organization, we live our ETHOS values every day: Experience, Trust and Transparency, Honesty, Opportunity and Service. These pillars are at the core of all we do, and they drive our success, from the individuals we hire and place, to the facilities we support each day.

E – Experience

We employ the very best talent the industry has to offer. We know and understand the health care landscape from our leadership’s combined 20+ years of travel nursing experience, and we want to partner with nurses that hold that same high standard to serve as brand ambassadors for the Ethos organization. We ensure our nurses are taken care of because that’s the Ethos Difference.

T – Trust and Transparency

By being transparent throughout the onboarding and assignment process, we build trust with our clinicians and ultimately build a strong relationship that lasts for years. Our years of industry experience and relationship building gives us an advantage in the health care landscape. Clinicians place their trust in us to ensure we find the right assignment for them, and facilities trust that they will grain the very best talent with Ethos.

H – Honesty

The foundation of any great organization is trust, and that’s built upon honesty, integrity and accountability. Good, bad, ugly – we present all options to our nurses to ensure they’re able to make informed decisions. These lines of communication flow both ways, as our nurses are always encouraged to reach out to their recruiters to share their experiences, as well, because you deserve an advocate who treats you like a priority while you care for others.

O – Opportunities

Whether you’re a career nurse or someone approaching graduation, it’s important that our staff and clinicians grow personally and professionally while employed by Ethos. We love to see our colleagues build autonomy and seek adventure while on assignment – all while building their clinical acumen. Travel nursing provides a unique opportunity to provide exceptional care while growing your skills through new experiences.

S – Service

Every nurse who walks through our doors has a why. The work we do as health care providers is truly selfless, and Ethos is proud to support the frontline workers who are committed to serving their communities from the heart of the city to rural facilities nationwide. We’re here for both nurses and hospitals in their pursuit of service, ensuring their needs are met and exceeded.

More than just great pay and a flexible schedule, Ethos offers an opportunity to explore and to grow your skills while pursuing your passions. We’re guided by our values to help our clinicians in their pursuit of greatness, and together Ethos is transforming communities nationwide. This is our ethos.

Jeff Stoner, RN BSN CCRN, is the founder and CEO of Ethos Medical Staffing and is a former travel nurse. Jeff, along with his wife Lindsey (who is also a travel nurse), are dedicated to empowering medical professionals in their exploration and pursuit of adventure, opportunity and service. You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn.



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