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Staying safe during COVID-19

It is our Ethos to ensure safety for all team members and the community. We’ve outlined some frequently asked questions and provided a few resources to help our valued nurses navigate the current healthcare climate.

Coronavirus FAQs

Q: Can I work in any state with my current license?

A:  Numerous states are changing their policy regarding this. We’re keeping a close eye one each state requirements. Please contact your recruiter for state specific info.

Q: Is it okay for me to travel during my assignment?

A: Many facilities have established their own specific policy regarding traveling. Most facilities are requesting that travelers do not travel outside of their assigned city

Q: I’m feeling sick. Now what?

A: Notify your recruiter IMMEDIATELY! Your safety and health are our top priority. Please notify your manager right away, and we’ll work with all parties to ensure that we follow both facility specific guidelines and CDC guidelines.

Q: What if I am quarantined?

A:  If you’re quarantined while on assignment, we’ll work with you and the facility to ensure you’re compensated appropriately. Facilities are working with national, state and local guidelines to ensure safety and amending policies and procedures as data becomes available. Please contact your recruiter for facility specific policies.

Q: If I’m quarantined, can I return to my permanent home during that time?

A:  Yes, if it is safe for you to return home you may do so. However, this may change the stipend allowance that you receive as part of your compensation.

Coronavirus Resources



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