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Ethos Wins SIA Best Staffing Firms Accolade


Ethos is thrilled to be named among Staffing Industry Analyst’s 2022 Best Staffing Firms to Work For in the 21-50 employee category.

Below is an updated excerpt from an article that originally ran in SIA on Ethos’ explosive growth and award-winning culture:

Ethos Medical Staffing was founded by former travel nurse Jeff Stoner, who set out to create a staffing firm by travel nurses, for travel nurses. Founded in 2015 as Heartland Health Care Providers, the company — located in the Kansas City metropolitan area — changed its name to Ethos in 2019 to strengthen its brand and pursue new growth initiatives. The idea was to align with the organization’s mission to empower medical professionals. “They care so much about each and every one of us,” said Shelley Crowson, a recruiter who’s been with Ethos for 2 years.

Ethos has a nationwide footprint, placing medical professionals in all 50 US states as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands. Focused on the communities it serves, the family-oriented firm strives to advocate for its healthcare professionals, making them a priority so they’re best-equipped to care for their patients.

But Ethos knows that top-quality care begins with investing in its own people. The company-wide sense of belonging and leadership’s genuine interest in its employees’ well-being set Ethos apart from its peers. “We push each other in a positive way, we support each other, and we have such great leadership that are working to build our Ethos family so we can all grow together,” Crowson added.

We’re All in This Together

Cristina Berry joined Ethos as a human resources coordinator less than a year ago, but she already feels like she’s part of something special. Having come from a career in retail and restaurant management, she explains, the structure of working in an office is vastly different. As she learns the ins and outs of her new role, her colleagues are always there for her. “We are like family,” she says. “If there are ever any issues, or I just need help with something, there’s a plethora of people that are willing to jump in and help me and support me, which I believe makes Ethos stand out from a lot of companies.”

And that supportive sense of camaraderie is present throughout the organization, all the way to the top. Tyler Benson joined Ethos 8 months ago because he wanted to join a local, high-growth, entrepreneurial business: “Jeff and Lindsey both really care about their employees. They want the company to succeed, but they also want people to be happy and successful in their personal lives,” Benson said. “Having the ability to work with a business owner … who is willing to get in and do anything that needs to get done to take care of his employees—I can’t stress that enough—you feel the presence of the business owner, you feel valued, you feel heard, you feel a sense of purpose in your role.”

For the full, original article, visit SIA’s website.



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