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Ethos Medical Staffing Nurse Wins Prestigious Daisy Award

Our very own Andres Martinez, BSN, RN, was recently awarded the Diseases Attacking the Immune System (DAISY) Foundation award for his work with patients.

The Daisy Foundation was created by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who was impressed by the level of care Barnes received from his nurses while battling Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). Winners of the annual award are nominated by former patients who experienced excellent care during their stay.

Martinez received his BSN RN in 2008 and has experience in hospice and mental health facilities. He takes a personal approach to his work, ussing his love of playing guitar, training for athletic events, hiking, swimming and martial arts to start conversations and build relationships with patients.

“I learned in the acute care setting that patients get nervous even if they’re trying to be calm and tough,” he said. “They have none of their independence anymore and have to rely on others, and that’s hard to give up. I’ve been a patient, too, and I know how scary that can be, so I just try to make a little bit of a connection in some way.”

Martinez’s dedication to creating connections has had a profound impact on his patients. After returning from surgery, a patient struck up a conversation about Martinez’s tattoos. Soon, the two were discussing their mutual love of tattoos, favorite TV shows and sharing stories while Martinez worked to help control the patient’s pain. Throughout the patient’s stay, Martinez encouraged him to attend physical therapy in order to heal quickly. The patient was so touched by Martinez’s care that he nominated him for the Daisy Award.

“I feel like I’m a pretty diverse person with a lot of neat interests, and I can bring some of that to the agenda—at least for the moment—and maybe get their mind off why they’re there. Sometimes I’ll share some of my personal experiences, and I think it helps for them to know that I’ve been on their side and I understand what they’re going through.”

About Ethos Medical Staffing

Founded by nurses in 2015, Ethos Medical Staffing is improving communities by changing how health care is delivered. Ethos is a family-oriented traveling nursing firm focused on the communities it serves, guided by a common belief that nurses and allied health professionals deserve an advocate who treats them like a priority while they care for others. To learn more, visit



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