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Easy 15 Minute Recipes for Nurses

As a nurse, you’re working 12 hour shifts, constantly on your feet, and dealing with other people’s needs all day. By the time you get home, the…

How to Start Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can be an exciting career for healthcare professionals who enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people. However, figuring out how to become a travel…

4 Easy Rules to Keeping a Tax Home

To deduct travel expenses, the IRS requires a tax home. So, we’ve broken down how to successfully keep a tax home into 4 easy rules.

The Best Spring Break Assignments for Travel Nurses

This Spring break, take a vacation while getting paid for it. Here are 10 assignments for the travel nurse who wants the best of both worlds.

Ethos Medical Staffing Recognized as a KC Small Business Superstar

Ethos Medical Staffing is proud to announce we are a 2023 Small Business Superstar! We have been officially recognized by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.…

How to Eat Healthy As a Travel Nurse

Eating healthy as a travel nurse is easier said than done. With long shifts and changing living situations, it’s easy to grab what’s most convenient rather than…

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