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Visit the 7 Wonders of Oregon While Here on Assignment

You just arrived in Oregon for your 13-week assignment. You’re ready to take on this new challenge and find new places to explore while you’re at it.…

Taxes as a Travel Nurse

Taxes can be tricky. Throw in stipends, reimbursements, multiple states, and tax homes, and it gets trickier. As a travel nurse, it’s important to know how to…

Questioning Extension Offers

When it comes to extension offers, there is one question all travel nurses must ask themselves. Just like the rock band The Clash once asked, “Should I…

Keeping Travel Nurses Engaged and Motivated with New Facilities

As more hospitals begin to rely on travel nursing, the question must be asked, how do you keep travel nurses engaged and motivated with new facilities? According…

Extensions Made Simple

If 13 weeks on assignment felt more like three, then you might want to consider an extension. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having…

5 Benefits of Travel Nursing

Many nurses have been leaving their staffing jobs in favor of travel nursing. We’re sharing five reasons why. 1. Compensation The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to what some…

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