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The Omicron Paradox

Omicron may be the safest variant to catch yet, but the increased transmissibility of this virus is still cause for concern. Omicron’s paradox is that although it…

Travel Nursing 101: Getting Started

Do you feel under-compensated and overworked? Are you ready for worthwhile pay? Well, travel nursing may just be your cup of tea. What’s more, the process to…

5 tips to get you through the holidays while on assignment

The holidays can be tough, especially as a travel nurse, limiting your shared time with family and friends. However, taking a fall assignment doesn’t necessarily mean you…

The ETHOS Promise

Ethos, by definition, is the innate set of rules – written and unwritten – that guide professionals in their pursuits. It’s the characteristic spirit of a person,…

The forgotten year: The impact of COVID on travel nursing

2020 will be a year branded in our collective memory. The 20/20 vision puns shared at midnight on Jan. 1 could never foretell all that was to…

W-2 vs 1099: What anesthesia providers and travel nurses need to know

By Kelly Gordon, RN, BSN, MA, CRNA It’s not news that the world has been forever changed by the pandemic. From lives lost and changes in facility…

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